Met between 2013-2015

200. Jango | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

4-1/2 years after starting Cats I’ve Met, I’ve finally reached 200! My milestone cat is Jango, he lives at the Lean House in Cleveland with his fabulous parent July. Jango has a friendly disposition and his fluffiness is seriously out of control.

211. Min Min | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

This affectionate little girl lives in my backyard. Last week I saw a white blur running from the garage, a few days ago she decided to make contact. There’s no room for another indoor cat in the house (currently we have 5 cats between 3 tenants) but for now she’s going to be well fed and loved outside by myself & my landlady Ilze.

Update: Eventually, Min Min would become the house basement cat for quite some time. She was free to roam the stairwells and play with the other cats under the doors. One of the landlady’s handymen fell in love and adopted her.

229. Vincent Van Gato | Met in Chicago, Illinois

Vincent is a super relaxed gallery cat living at the Church Of The Templehead in south Chicago.

230. Outdoor Cat | Met in University Hts., Ohio

This cat slinks around my friend Ross’s backyard from time to time.

231. Bruni | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

​This little lady has been living in my backyard all winter while my landlady, Ilze, has been feeding her and now she’s pregnant. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a kitten for Vesper soon!

Update: Bruni was eventually spayed after one more litter, but our pregnant feral cat problem persisted for years via her many kittens and other neighborhood cats. Ilze & I managed to TNR many stray kitties but there were always some we could never catch. I would eventually take in a kitten, Bolton (Cat 268), from her final litter in 2014.

232. Louisa | Met in Lakewood, Ohio

Oh my goodness Louisa! What an affectionate baby. She jumped up on my shoulders, rubbed and meowed more than any cat I’ve heard in a long time. What a sweetheart. Kristin & Pita are so lucky to have you!

233-234. W.64th Street Cats | Cleveland, Ohio

As I was leaving a freelance job I saw four cats hanging out within a few houses of each other. I could only get pictures of these two.

235. Clark | Met in Chicago, Illinois

Clark is a SUPER friendly outdoor cat who lives on the other side of the window from Charlie (Cat 74). Very cool, very skinny. I wish I had time to go get him some food.

236. Isabel | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

This little girl, what a soft, friendly kitty! She’s a lovely rescue cat that lives with my friend Chris Auerbach-Brown and his family.

237. Sam | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

This fuzzy guy is one of my downstairs neighbor’s two big cats. Sam spends a lot of time hanging out in my hallway and basement. I’ve never heard a cat wail like Sam can. His bemoaning teeters between hilarious and SUPER annoying.

​238-239. Kitten & Mother Cat | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

Jane & I were driving down my street when we saw two orange kittens playing. I’m in desperate need of a kitten so we tried to catch them. I caught this one while the other kitten hid up under a van. Soon after, mother cat came running to comfort her crying baby and this little kitten got away before we could at the very least TNR.

240. W.64th Street Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

The long gray haired cat was sitting on the hood of my truck but I couldn’t get a picture until it ran across the street where it nestled up to who I believe to be Cat 233. They belong to an older Romanian couple that were arguing VERY loudly.

241. Waterloo Alley Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

I saw this Waterloo Alley Cat twice in two days but always from a distance.

242-246. Rhonda, Molly, Freeway, Fluffy & Monnie | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

My girlfriend Jane went to Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland’s eastside Collinwood neighborhood and insisted I go back with her ASAP, I’m glad I did! I got to met Deb & Pete Gulyas who own the store and run the Waterloo Alley Cat Project, they have 5 cats in the store and 6 at home. Deb is a lot like how I’d imagine I’d be if I had the means to help kitties, she keeps taking them in.

  • Rhonda was the first to greet me, she’s the main store cat. What a unique looking coat! She was pretty lethargic while I was there though.
  • Molly is the sleeper of the bunch. She quivered in her bed box while I said hello. She seemed sweet.
  • Freeway, I know from his picture in the Waterloo Alley Cat Project calendar. He was very interested in what I was doing, he also wouldn’t keep still for me to get a decent photo.
  • Fluffy is the scaredy cat of the group. She evaded me the whole time.
  • Monnie eventually came out to get brushed and show off her smokey stripes. She was very affectionate and wouldn’t keep still once the brushing began.

247-248. Boo & Bertie | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

These two siblings are best buddies living under the care of Steve & Jill Slane. Boo only hung out for a minute before disappearing for the evening, while Bertie was a flurry of adolescent energy. I left the fire pit outside four times just to go in and play with her.

249-250. Gravy & Frito | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

These fine felines are the Survival Kittens living at Survival Kit Gallery at West 78th St. Studios. Gravy was scooped up by my friend Alex from the animal shelter five years ago. He is wonderfully soft, loves affection and is very photogenic. Frito wandered into the building two years ago and found a home with Alex and Brian. He is super petite and a bit skittish but still very lovable.

​251. 78th Street Studios Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

Right after meeting Gravy & Frito, I walked outside and saw this cat slinking around the parking lot. Yeah I know, it’s arguable these types of encounters don’t count as a “meeting” but if a cat crosses my path it gets counted! Busy weekend for me and cats, I’ve met 11 in the past 7 days!

252. Oscar | Met in Lakewood, Ohio

This guy is currently living in the garage of Ryan & Brian (of the band Thursday Club). He was alright but he didn’t seem too into me.

253, 256 & 258 Bruni’s Kittens | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

These are Bruni’s (Cat 231) three kittens living in my backyard. They started showing up for food about a week ago, I see the orange one the most. My landlady, Ilze, and I are going to attempt to catch them, get them fixed and find them homes. Ilze might keep the mother cat. I am hoping to catch the black kitten, they are obviously the runt and VERY skittish. If I don’t catch them soon he’ll be too old / too feral to socialize with Vesper (Cat 1).

Update: I caught the black one and they bit the heck out of my hand before escaping from captivity in the basement. TOO FERAL FOR VESPER! Ilze eventually caught him again and got them fixed.

254. Baby | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

My friend Hannah has been bugging me to come meet her cat for awhile now. What a little lover! Baby is a VERY vocal little black cat, in practically every photo I took of her she was mouth open, crying! Hannah rescued her from a life on the streets of Collinwood.

Born: April 2013
Caretaker: Hannah Davis
Likes: Her toy Mousey, Hair scrunchies, Almond milk, Hannah’s Mom
Dislikes: Fire, Cold canned food, Hannah’s roommate Ben

255. Country Cat | Met in Chesterland, Ohio

Jane & I were driving past an abandoned nursery when we noticed a black cat on the prowl in the field. They led us on a chase for a little while but decided to plop down for some affection. They seem to be doing pretty well for an outdoor country cat. They probably have a home down the road because they didn’t look malnourished.

257. Charlie | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

Charlie lives downstairs from me with Sam (Cat 237). He’s kinda shy but still wants to hang out. Pretty good disposition but he gets bullied by Sam constantly.

259. Outdoor Cat | Met in Painesville, Ohio

​​This cat was stiff as a statue, stalking a field mouse or something, as I rolled past.

260. Night Cat | Mentor, Ohio

​This little creeper came slinking out of nowhere to check me out for a few seconds. Throughout my whole life cats just find me.

261. Tiger | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

I saw this guy hanging out on my back porch looking for scraps left behind by Bruni (Cat 231) and her kittens. He let me pet him for a while. He’s gotta be the 10th cat to take up residence in my backyard in the past 3 years. Reminds me a lot of my childhood cat, Rocky.

Update: This cat is likely Bolton’s (Cat 268) dad, either him or Cat 227.

262-264. Porch Cat, Louie & Squeakers | Met in Grand Rapids, Michigan

My band stayed with my friend Brandon in Grand Rapids and of course my first question was… “Do you have any cats I can meet?” And right before I was about to meet his cats, the neighbor’s cat came up to me on the front porch… bonus! Very sweet, very colorful. Inside, there were Louie & Squeakers. Louie demands your attention! He’s too cute, very affectionate and turned to mush in my hands. I had a hard time letting go of that kitten. He LOVES his toy hedgehog! Squeakers ​came out of hiding to investigate us but he didn’t seem too interested. He was chill enough to let me pick him up though.

265. Street Cat | Met in Chicago, Illinois

And here I thought I wasn’t going to meet any new cats before I left Chicago. While we were packing the truck I noticed this cat hanging out in the shade down the block.

266-267. Outdoor Cats | Met in Fairview Park, Ohio

I’m looking for a new apartment. This building had two black cats in the yard, of course I took it as a sign but ultimately ended not taking the unit.

​268. Bolton | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

One of my backyard cats, Bruni (Cat 231), had another litter (it’s been impossible to catch and spay her) and my landlady grabbed this little guy for me. I’m one day into seeing if Vesper (Cat 1) will accept a kitten into her life. Bolton is very calm, purrs a lot and has exquisite stripe patterns, I’m in love.

269. Richard | Met in Lorain, Ohio

​Richard is the latest addition to my Aunt Nancy’s cat family. He’s only been indoors for 1 week but Nancy’s been working on domesticating him for the past 5 months. He let me get a few pets in before hiding.

270-271. Skelly & Goldie | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

These two are from Bruni’s (Cat 231) 2nd litter and are Bolton’s (Cat 268) siblings. Here they are before and after we caught them. We FINALLY caught Bruni and got her spayed too!

272. Neighborhood Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

I saw this collared peeper outside my new apartment.

273. Yoshimi | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

Yoshimi is one good looking cat! Very friendly, very chill. He’s a 6 year old former Oberlin dumpster cat. “If he thinks he can jump to it, he jumps to it.”

274. Street Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

​This Little Italy kitty walked along with me for a block

275-278. Kittens | Met in Cleveland Hts., Ohio

Yikes, looks like Cat 258 wasn’t fixed after all, she had a litter of four (two black and two tabby). I’m trying to help find them homes and catch the mom! I’ve only seen them from a distance, hoping to get close to them soon.

279-280. Emma & Hex | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

These two live with my friends John & Adam. Emma is the escape artist and Hex loves to chew on electronics.

281. Hallway Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

Someone knocked on my apartment door to ask if this little sweetheart in the hallway was mine. So loving, so quiet, SO MUCH SHEDDING. I had a great day babysitting until I found her human although Vepser & Bolton didn’t like it one bit.

​282. Neighborhood Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

I see this kitty almost every weekday on my drive home from work. Today I was walking past and we had a moment.

283. Lean Consortium Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

This friendly little cat lives at the Lean Consortium loft venue downtown. I’m not sure how I ended up being there all evening but never learned their name.

284. Fidget | Met in Chicago, Illinois

This sweet little boy is buddies with Charlie (Cat 74) & Clark (Cat 235).

285. Street Cat | Met in Chicago, Illinois

Feral cat living on the south side one house over from Fidget (Cat 284).

286. Blue Arrow Window Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

​The Blue Arrow Records owners run the Waterloo Alley Cat sanctuary and there’s always a new cat to be seen at the store.

287. Waterloo Alley Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

Another Waterloo Alley Cat living in the sanctuary behind Blue Arrow Records.

288. Parking Lot Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

This skinny little kitty came crying up to me so I helped them out with some canned food. They wouldn’t let me get my hands on them. If I see them again I’ll try to catch them and get them fixed.

​289-290. Parking Lot Cats | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

These cats live around the parking lot where my band practices, I’ve seen them a lot this Summer. Neither of them wanted to meet me. It’s very possible these are the same cat.

291. Yard Cat | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

This little kitty was hanging out in a lush rose garden next to The Happy Dog.

292-293. Sidewalk Cats | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

These two follow their human around my block while he walks his dogs. I see them several times a week, been trying to get a photo for months.

294-299. Street Cats | Met in Cleveland, Ohio

I’ve seen a lot of cats within a few blocks of my new apartment. Most of them only let me get a drive-by photo. There were two more in the past week that I couldn’t get a pic of in time otherwise I’d already be at 300.