Hi I’m David, Vesper & Bolton’s cat dad. Here’s some questions I get asked a lot:

Q: How did Cats I’ve Met start?
A: Sometime in Winter 2008-09 I noticed that I had a lot of pictures of my friend’s cats in my phone. I added a cat page to my music website that quickly needed to become it’s own website.

Q: What qualifies as “meeting” a cat?
A: I used to be pretty strict about it, I had to get close enough to pet the cat. But, after I met all the cats in my social circles I had to expand the notion to include any cat that crossed my path and I could get a photo of.

Q: What are some of the most common cat names?
A: I’ve seen Baby, Charlemagne, Charlotte, Cleo, Kitty and Mama pop up a few times each, but the top spot goes to Elliott.

Q: Who are some of your favorite cats?
A: After the cats in my life (Vesper & Bolton) some of my favorites are:

  • 7. Vincent, R.I.P. my little brown bear
  • 50. Winston, the Carol & John’s Comic Shop store cat
  • 159. Oglit, lived downstairs from me, so soft, so temperamental
  • 211. Min Min, lived in my backyard and basement before being adopted, what a looker
  • 224. Frankie, hands down has the best little face
  • 320. Torple, adorable Torple
  • 353. Thunder, petite and distinct
  • 514. Jim, the best buddy a cat lover could hope for
  • 525. Milo, what a perfect little man