380-514. Cat Fanciers’ Association International Cat Show cats
Met on October 13th, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio

So first off, the local paper said there were 800 cats there and I swear I must have laid eyes on at least 600 of them. I settled on 134 cats to add to the site because that’s more or less how many are featured in the photos below. It was a little overwhelming walking into the show and it took a couple aisles before I felt comfortable with the etiquette to start taking photos. What an experience! So many beautiful, exotic pedigree kitties and so many proud, eccentric caretakers. There truly was a Best In Show vibe to the whole affair. Jane & I ran into way more people we knew than we thought we would, separating the cat lovers in our lives from the cat fanciers! Next time I think I’ll focus on taking portraits of the owners with their cats, maybe I can get a press pass?