More Cats

Margo! For the past ten years I’ve thought your name was Kitty (Cat 116). I got to visit with Margo over Labor Day weekend, just look at that face. Definitely in the top 5 most petite cats I’ve met. Margo lives with Sally, my friend Nathan’s mom, in Dover, Ohio.

Jane & Coletta got to foster two polydactyl kittens for a few weeks. I can’t believe I didn’t get to meet them! I was in Chicago when they got them and then I got really sick for two weeks. They got all there shots and found a home on a farm in northeast Ohio where they’re going to be barn cats.

Some more pictures of my parent’s cat Milo (Cat 525).

Some more pictures of Jim (Cat 515). Just look at that face.

Bristles Marie Brenda (Cat 347) is Jane & Coletta’s big baby. He’s a bit of a bitey bear and he doesn’t like me too much. But he’s got charm and loves to go for walks on his harness leash.

Waterloo Alley Cat Project houses behind Blue Arrow Records in Cleveland, Ohio. Giving much needed shelter to many street cats.

Winston (Cat 50), the Carol & John’s Comic Shop store cat. It’s always a pleasure to see him when I’m picking up my books. He’s pretty chill and super photogenic but doesn’t like to be pet too much.

Some more pictures of Vincent (Cat 7), an all time favorite of mine. He was a super affectionate, talkative little man with a huge personality. Rest in peace my little brown bear, Brett and I will always miss you.

Rocky was my first cat & my best friend throughout my youth. I got him when I was about 3 years old and he lived to be 15. Next time I go through my old photos I’ll upload some more pics!